BMW DME Unlock: Available In-House or Send Us Your DME

Our BMW DME Unlock Service removes the factory BMW control unit software locks, giving you the ability to flash tune your BMW with any of the popular tuning platforms on the market, including our Eurocharged proprietary tunes, BootMod3, HMD, and others.


Do you need to have your DME unlocked?

Yes, if you plan to do any tuning on your late model BMW, which will have a locked DME from the factory, or if your earlier model BMW has been factory locked by the dealership during service.

When you bring your BMW to the dealership for service, diagnostics, or repairs, their technicians are required to bring your vehicle up to date on all software updates before performing any service. This will remove any tune files installed on the DME, if present, and lock the DME, which prevents writing any tune files to the control unit. This is by design, and often is done not to improve performance or reliability of the vehicle, but to specifically prevent access to the DME for the purpose of tuning. Fortunately, we are able to unlock BMW DME’s in house in your vehicle, as well as performing Bench Unlocking on control units shipped to us.


Can My DME be unlocked?

BMW began factory locking their DME’s  in 2020. Although not locked form the factory, earlier model BMW’s can have their DME’s locked via a software updates performed by BMW dealerships. We are able to unlock DME’s with build dates (not your vehicle’s build date) before June 2020 (6/2020), which does include some 2021 model year BMW’s. This service typically takes only 1 to 2 hours to perform. For more information or to set up an appointment to have your DME unlocked or to ship us your DME (Note: If your BMW has 2 DME’s, any twin-turbo V8 model, you will need to send in both DME’s for a successful unlock.):

Email us at:

or call us at (314) 270-3821

Please provide us with your Year, Make, Model, and VIN


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