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At Eurocharged St. Louis, our world class ASE certified technicians are consummate professionals, and experts in European and Exotic vehicle Performance Tuning, Maintenance, and Diagnostics. Eurocharged St. Louis has one goal…giving you and your ride the absolute best service in the European and Exotic car industry.

Our passion for exotic and European cars carries over into each interaction with our clientele, and in our vast menu of performance and maintenance services. From OEM spec builds, to basic oil changes and EVERYTHING in between, Eurocharged St. Louis is at your service. Welcome. Let’s do this.



With over 50,000 tunes completed by Eurocharged teams world-wide, we know a thing or two.  Performing ECU and TCU tunes for most European and Exotic makes and models, Eurocharged St. Louis is eager to help you on your quest for power gains.
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Just like at the gym, gains should follow health. At Eurocharged St. Louis, we can take care of everything from diagnostics to manufacturer quality repairs and maintenance to ensure your vehicle has a clean bill of mechanical health. And yeah, we have everything for those power gains, too.



BMW Control Units are factory locked. Our BMW DME Unlock Service removes the factory BMW control unit software locks, giving you the ability to flash tune your BMW with any of the popular tuning platforms on the market, including our Eurocharged proprietary tunes. Unlock your BMW’s untapped power today!

Learn More About Our BMW DME Unlock Service HERE

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Most ECU and TCU tuning cab be performed and completed same day, typically within a few hours.

Tunes / handhelds are non-transferable and are VIN locked by the manufacturer
Any fuel that is local to your area or any fuel requested.
Most, just let us know what you have.
No. They are not transferable. We can offer you a discount depending on what has been done to the vehicle.

Through strategic partnerships with select trusted local wrap/vehicle cosmetic shops, we have made these services available. Please contact us for more information.

No, they are not transferable and the handhelds are VIN locked to the vehicle.

We work on domestic, foreign, classic, specialty, and exotic vehicles, and everything in between. Whether you need diagnostic, maintenance, repair, or performance work, we’ve got you covered, and we only use OEM quality parts. You’ll get dealership level service without the dealership prices. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Yes, we can service, maintain and repair your European or Exotic vehicle to manufacturer specifications.
Yes, in most cases we are able to install parts supplied by customers for their vehicles, specifically aftermarket performance parts. Please note that there is no warranty for used parts or customer supplied parts, and we are not responsible for damage caused to any vehicle or vehicle system, or the failure of any emissions related test caused by used or customer supplied parts.

We are able to perform performance upgrades, including installing customer supplied performance parts, but we only tune vehicles we offer proprietary tunes for. Please contact us for more information.

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Yes, we do! Carbon Buildup, especially in direct injection engines, can have negative effects on driveability, fuel mileage, emissions, and, or course, performance. Our carbon cleaning process is two-fold, utilizing both a chemical cleaning, and walnut media blasting process.

Learn More about our Carbon Cleaning / Walnut Blasting Service HERE.

Yes, we offer in house BMW DME Unlocking. This can typically be done in a few hours at our location.

Learn More about our BMW DME Unlock Service HERE.

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