BMW DME Unlock: Available In-House or Send Us Your DME

BMW DME Unlocking

Our BMW DME Unlock Service removes the factory BMW control unit software locks, giving you the ability to flash tune your BMW with any of the popular tuning platforms on the market, including our Eurocharged proprietary tunes, BootMod3, HMD, and others.   Do you need to have your DME unlocked? Yes, if you plan to […]

Walnut Blasting / Carbon Cleaning Now Available

What is Walnut Blasting and Carbon Cleaning?

What do walnuts have to do with engine carbon deposits? Quite a lot, actually. They are the most effective tool for removing engine carbon deposits. But how can walnuts remove these deposits from the engine?  To fully understand the process, we need to first discuss what carbon deposits are, and how they are formed in […]